Emotional , Mental and Logistical Support for Business Owners in the Aftermath of Losing a Loved One.

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You deserve to live your most authentic, joyous and purposeful life starting today. Your dearly departed would want that for you.

“Sachiko is truly an anomaly. Not only does she have the kind of intelligence that baffles me in the way she can swoop in and immediately add value to any business operation (because it’s simply who she is and how her mind works), but her deep, relatable emotional intelligence and mind/body expertise also make her a safe place to land during a storm.

That combination of business and emotional savvy coupled with her breadth of experience and wisdom is unparalleled. Not only did she help me organize my business processes during a very difficult season, helping to protect me from legal action, she also was an incredible support who worked shoulder-to-shoulder with me in a way that made dealing with all of the challenges much, much, much easier.

She was born for this work. You would be remiss not to immediately jump on a call and find out for yourself why you want Sachiko in your corner!”

- Vaughn Fahie, CEO - The Voice Brander

About Me


There has been no greater theme in my life’s journey than the POWER of death.

February 28th 2024 was the 31-year anniversary of my birth mother’s passing (2/28/93); and since then I have been confronted with death more times than I can count - including four gut-wrenching losses in 2023 alone.

Dealing with death forces the roots of the tree of our lives to deepen, allowing us to open up to greater height and breadth than possible prior, but that requires support and community care.

When my mom died (when I was 7), my dad didn’t have the tools to support me. And when my dad died (when I was 11), though his sister adopted us, she didn’t have the tools to support me either. And when her mom/my grandma died (when I was 18), my mommy II lost the ability to cope in more ways than I can recount.

But her passing in December was different (I’m now 38). I finally have a chosen family/community to lean on and the tools and ability to truly support myself.

I learned through trial and error and therapy and coaching a bajillion trainings and certifications and modalities over the last 31 years how to show up for myself in the face of so much grief.

My experience with death is absolutely the reason that I have been a student of intentional living since I was a child.

I have ALWAYS been intent on sucking all of the marrow out of life and expressing and becoming the best version of myself by my own definition.

While there have been many hiccups along my journey, embodied joy and vitality have been a natural byproduct of tussling with loss.

Reframing death, deconstructing harmful ideas about afterlife and embracing the exquisite pain of grief has been cathartic in this season and many many times over.

Death doesn’t have to be heavy forever.

There is light after death. And life has trained me to share that light to others grappling with grief.

If you are ready to have a new relationship with death coupled with multi-dimensional support as you heal from loss, I look forward to supporting you.

📸: The altar I setup 2/28/24 to remember and celebrate the 31st anniversary of my mother’s passing.

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